Imaging and Data Visualisation_Reflection

This module has been both exciting and extremely challenging; exciting because I am picking up so many new skills through the projects we have done and using software I’ve never used before. And challenging because I started this course with so little knowledge of the more complex parts of using computers!

However, the good news is that I am still here, alive and well.

Trust me, there have been multiple tears and temptations to throw computers out windows but somehow, Maya and Mudbox have not overcome me. Yet…

Anyway! The first project we had to focus on for this module was creating a Floating City. My group and I were all new to Maya and this was our first big project involving the software so it was quite a daunting task! We decided to create a floating city based on Rio de Janeiro. Here are some of the finished camera shots:


This task also threw me into the deep end of modelling in Maya. I was extremely slow in the beginning stages of learning Maya and at times thought it was impossible! However, with time and practice I have become a lot faster! Making objects which once would have taken me a week to model can now take me around a day so I feel like I have definitely improved since the beginning of this module.

This Ukulele for instance, which I created for my other module New Narratives, would have taken me years at the start of this semester only took about two days. So happy I have sped up during this whole process!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.31.39


Last but not least, we had to create a head topology using Maya and Mudbox. When I first heard about the thought of using a completely new software, I’m not gonna lie, I freaked out a little. But, alas; I’ve actually found out I really like Mudbox! It’s less maths orientated and more freeing, creativity wise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is just early screenshots of my process in Mudbox.

I’m so excited to use Mudbox in the future and sculpt more things other than my extremely embarrassing face haha.


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