Free Fire_movie

IMG_3233April 11th 2017,

A few of my flat mates and I decided one night to go see Free Fire (2017) at the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast. Due to the fact that we are all movie addicts (one is even studying film!) they didn’t mind too much that I started writing notes during it. (At least I hope they didn’t mind…) hehe.

I went into the movie not really knowing what to expect because I had only read a brief description of the plot beforehand, however, it’s safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating the movie was despite it being set in one location throughout. I was also taken aback by how the movie director approached tackling a serious subject matter in such a comedic way but I really enjoyed it.

Here are some of my extremely messy and childlike hand written notes that I took by the light of the movie screen:

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Some stills from the movie:

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And just incase you’re interested, here is a short trailer of the movie:


Image references:×844.jpg

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