‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Movie Research and Random thoughts

‘In the third century, Origen[5] explains that there are two ladders in the life of a Christian, the ascetic ladder that the soul climbs on the earth, by way of—and resulting in—an increase in virtue, and the soul’s travel after death, climbing up the heavens towards the light of God.’




Random notes:

Repetitive scene

Feeling of being trapped in one moment over and over again

Reminiscent of Jacob’s moments in purgatory

Repeat one scene again and again in a room like a hospital or bathroom

Mixed with scenes in the woods or somewhere peaceful, representing heaven or the afterlife

THEMES  – implicit/explicit allusions to the movie

Think of time and time running out

Hell vs heaven

“Two roads diverged in a wood… and I took the one less travelled by”

have a figure walking at the start down a path…which one they take decides their fate


Inspirational short films:













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