Narrative explored.

When I realised what topic we were studying in class this semester, I jumped for joy! (not literally can I just add haha)  NARRATIVE. Ahhhh, the story – the reason behind any animation – is what drives me to create.  I cannot wait to work alongside Clare, Glenn and Carla to develop the narrative we had to come up with on the spot in class. Our scenario was as follows: “You just found out your relative has a terminal illness; humour is the only cure.”

*Can I just add here, I don’t know if the rest of my group were thinking the same thing but…I thought this exercise was originally just a funny way of practicing making up stories so I kinda put forward crazy ideas such as gnomes/leprechauns which ended up having to be the story we had to work with. Darn it and my lack of hindsight. haha.

We came up with a rough narrative where a female University Student gets a phone call early in the morning to find out that her grandmother is critically ill and the only cure is laughter. She travels as fast as she can to see her, thinking deeply about all the jokes and memes she can use to make her grandmother laugh. Unfortunately, she has never been one for making others laugh, in fact, she’s a rather serious individual really. However, on her way to her grandmother’s house, she decides to try and save time by trying out a route she’s rarely taken before – through the woods. Laptop on hand, she makes her way through the forest but, alas, she is not alone; a deep, hearty laughter somewhere can be heard through the trees.  She discovers a Leprechaun! He offers her the chance to swap his gift for making others laugh for her seriousness. Little do they know that what they thought would be the most successful encounter possible to each of them, would turn out to complicate matters further…

Our lecturer, Conann, then told us our main protagonist had to be the second character we introduced in our plot (which happened to be our Leprechaun). So, our narrative had to grow from there!

Meeting up with my group a few days later, we brought together our collection of the possible routes our narrative could take.

We collectively agreed that Carla’s narrative had the most potential, so, we honed in on it and worked together to give it more layers whilst adding our own personal touches.


Mind Mapping our ideas around Vogler’s basic structure.

Since none of us could say we had released an award winning novel, completed a PhD in creative writing or even at least competed in ‘Child Genius’ in the channel 4 series , we relied heavily on Vogler’s structure set out in his book The Writer’s Journey.

First draft


Second Draft


The plot has indeed thickened. Quite literally, this time.


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