True Colours


8th February 2017,

Today I made a point of going to the True Colours Exhibition which is held in the Ulster Museum each year, showcasing some of the best work produced by young artists throughout all of Northern Ireland.

I randomly got speaking to an old man who I later found out was called Harold. He was viewing the true colours exhibition at the same time as me. We chatted for ages, sharing with each other our deep appreciation and love for art. Near the end of the conversation he brought out from his jacket a folder of his own watercolours he had created over the years and I looked at them in awe. We both discussed how we are continously trying to hone our craft.

It was great to realize how younger artists can be just as much a source of inspiration to us both as those who are older and more experienced. Thankyou to whoever painted this cloudy piece above cause it deeply inspired me.


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