3D art inspiration




Joel Zakrisson

This artist’s 3D environment design completely blew me away;  the intricate details, the beautiful soft lighting and intriguing scenes depicted in such a small space captured for me, the essence of good storytelling through 3D design.





Timothy Dries

Hyper-realistic 3D design doesn’t normally interest me that much because I usually prefer design with a more organic touch, however, I really loved the way Timothy captured a sense of life through his realistic depictions of architecture and landscapes.




This piece was more focused on lighting rather than props but I was really inspired by the soft effect it had on this forest scene.






What really drew me to this artist’s work was the way in which the 3D modelling looked like 2D and 3D had combined to create a pop-up story book effect! There’s something almost “unfinished” to the 3D design which I really like.








Julien Kaspar








Guzz Soares










Jean M. Oliveira











Truth be told, when I think of Animation, I don’t tend to think about those who work on Visual Effects, mixing live action with flavours of CGI. However, after researching those who work on VFX and reminiscing over all the adverts I have seen which I didn’t realise included such hard work makes me appreciate even more the art form.

This artist’s work stood out to me in particular, due to his use of a variation of techniques and a consistent focus on capturing both the larger elements of the VFX and the more detailed ones.

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