Creative Elements – Reflection


Wow. Where on earth did that time go? The first term of my first year of University is over.

Coming into this course without a foundation degree was both exciting and a little nerve racking. I didn’t know what to expect at all. However, I’m happy to say that although the course so far has been challenging, the first term of Creative Elements has been extremely valuable and stimulating for one’s creativity.

Having completed twelve weeks of an assortment of animation projects, the range of topics that have been covered in such a short period of time is hard to believe! It was great to have a sense of change each week as it kept the projects upbeat and interesting, however, I did find it quite hard to jump from one task to another so quickly. What made the process more manageable was the mix of theory based work and practical work. I do think it would have been great to have had a way of getting to know a bit more about each of the people in class near the beginning of term, just so that it made team exercises a little less intense. I can understand the theory behind not doing this though, as it probably reflects the reality of working in an animation studio.

 Working in class with a room filled with creative thinkers is somewhat like a second home. It is amazing to be surrounded with fresh ideas, innovative design concepts and new ways of thinking. It’s been an honour to work alongside others who have as much of a passion for animation and storytelling as I do. What’s brilliant also is, my lecturers are easy to talk to and don’t make you feel stupid for asking questions (no matter how silly the questions may seem) which is great for someone like me who is as curious as anything! It’s really awesome to hear real experiences from people who have worked in the animation industry and aren’t afraid to be honest about the realities of what the job of an animator entails.

I have to say that one of the highlights of this term has been the life drawing classes. I have learnt so much since day one and I have seen an overall improvement in my understanding of how to approach a drawing. I feel like as your core understanding of perspective and form progresses, it feeds in well to all areas of animation that you have to look at during the term. Not only are the classes beneficial for your work but they are a great time opportunity to simultaneously relax whilst drawing and push yourself too.

Making the shift from a Fine Art background, with little to no digital experience, to a course which is mainly digital, has been challenging. It has been difficult to assess my own work against others who already have a greater understanding of the core areas of digital art. Although I have felt disheartened at times, I have maintained the belief that with time, I will improve the artistic skills I already have. I have already seen a steady improvement from day one; especially through life drawing classes. I am excited to see what the next term brings!

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