Group Presentations (Pecha Kucha)



This week in class, we are having to present in our groups information on famous individuals in the art industry, both past and present. We have to present our slides in a ‘Pecha Kucha’ style which means having 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds.

I had never heard of this style of presenting so I had to do some research after class to know what myself and the rest of my team were working towards. This website helped me understand the concept of this interesting presentation style:

As much as I love a good powerpoint, the thought of presenting to my peers is always a daunting task. I feel like this particular type of presentation style will really test my ability to make my collected information concise, easy to understand and engaging. It’s hard enough to present information to a group of people, never mind having it timed so precisely!

Wish me luck…



Working with Darcy, Siobhan and Ryan, we all knuckled down to try and create the Pecha Kucha presentation on our allocated topic; Phil Campbell. He is a Northern Irish artist who moved from working in Architecture to designing video games and other interactive entertainment.

What excited me most about getting to research Campbell was the realisation that he had worked on one of my all time favourite video games; Tomb raider. I jumped at the chance of being able to talk about Phil’s impact on the gaming heroine. I grew up playing the second Tomb Raider game on PC at my best friend’s house and it was a game which, I believe, a lot of my passion for animation originates from.

Here are the five slides I used for my section of the presentation focused on Phil Campbell’s design on the Lara Croft, Tomb Raider franchise for PC:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images above are from Google Images

Gathering information and pictures for the Pecha Kucha was the easy part. The part I was most worried about was the public speaking part.

I’ve done a fair amount of public speaking due to my previous job as a Youth Ministry Intern during my first gap year and although that has helped me go from zero confidence to a little bit more confident, I still feel there’s a lot more practice needed!

So, in order to prepare myself as much as possible for our group presentation, I not only practiced and practiced what I was going to say in my room (sounding like I was going crazy no doubt to my other flat members), but I thought carefully about how I would present. I’d always heard that people “hear” more from one’s expressions and body language than the actual words that come out of their mouth. So, I put that theory to the test.


I watched a tonne of successful public speakers’ techniques on videos on YouTube which helped me A LOT.

Here are some of them:





Applying some of these techniques into my presentation style and practicing them before my group’s presentation day, made me feel a lot more confident and prepared for our Pecha Kucha. Public speaking is something I will continue to work on as much as possible. It’s not just important in the creative industry, but as a life skill too.

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