I think this accurately describes how I currently feel about Maya.

But it is the dragon in my life which will be slain…the mountain which will be climbed…the storm which I will weather…

Fingers crossed, that is.


The first ever Maya project we were asked to complete was a short animation of a  bouncing ball.

Taking down from my shelf the book I bought before even starting this course (I knew it would come in handy for a day such as this) ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ by Richard E. Williams, I looked at the first couple of pages on the key techniques of  animating: timing and “squash and stretch”.

I had to reference back to this book and my reference videos (below) quite a few times to grasp what I wanted the ball to look like in each frame.

This visual aid helped me better understand the height differences between each bounce, the spacing, timing and the natural rotation of the ball. The arc shown at the end of the video is extremely helpful when thinking about the arc and tangents in Maya.

I also took into consideration the weight of the ball when reflecting on my own work.

I paid particular attention in this series of video references to the beach ball and tennis ball  to understand how, due to their weight and size, they reacted to the ground and air.

Here is a breakdown of the the sequence of a bouncing ball on my first ever Maya attempt:

Squash and stretch test.


Here are a few screenshots showing the frames with squash and stretch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not perfect by any means, as the volume of the ball changes too much but I think it was a good experiment to carry out to get to know the software a bit more and test my understanding of the concept of squashing and stretching objects.


A tennis/bouncy ball test.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A bowling ball test.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A beach ball ( in a semi translucent box…because, why not?)

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Originally I had designed just this lamp on a bedside table.

But instead of stopping there, I decided to push myself further and design more objects in my room!


I played around with texture and lighting to try and create a more interesting depiction of my room.


I played around with other tools in the menu to cut out shapes in the furniture and pulled around a shape to create the bed linen on my bed. Although it’s far from perfect, I’m really pleased with how far I’ve come from having no previous experience with this kind of software. It’s been a huge challenge but I’m happy to be making progress; even if I’m kinda slow.


I decided to try and add more to the room!

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I love tea. So it’s definitely featuring in this room…

I struggled with the handle but alas, it worked better than I thought it would!

*Fun fact* The amount of time it took to make this seemingly simple object involved one too many cups in the process ahahaha


A room without a chair? Don’t be absurd.


I decided to test myself and try and make a opening/closing chest. I got so far with it but then it wouldn’t separate properly so I had to settle with having a cylindrical style object still in the middle! (arrgh) You can see it featured in the corner of the room 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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