“Epic” Animation Tips


I just wanted to share this video I found on YouTube which really opened my eyes to the importance of acting in animation; a concept I had never given much thought to before. This video is both hilarious and extremely educational (my favourite combination!), pointing to the sense of vitality good acting can bring to any scene.

Key things I learnt from this video:

  1. Every character can be acted out – To make a scene more believable, act out the scene and imagine how they would move/talk
  2. The characters’ movements should reflect their emotions too –  not just where they are physically moving in the frame
  3. Think about where the action is happening – always lead the audience’s eye where the story telling action is happening without distracting them with other things
  4. Build an inspiring context to shoot references – not only is this fun and hilarious, it will help you get into character and envision their environment
  5. Good camera angles can make all the difference- Use interesting, dynamic and unexpected camera angles to convey the tone of the scene
  6. Use real life as a reference –  your friends, your family, your dog…
  7. Don’t just act; be your character! – get inspiration from what they would dress like…walk in their shoes! literally! lol
  8. Background…wait what? theres a background? – A background may seem unimportant but if you utilise the staging of a background to convey important themes/push the story along
  9. Great actors are always a great inspiration – look at your favourite movie scenes and how the actors use their facial expressions/body movements to convey emotions

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