For this particular week in our course in Animation, we were asked to create characters for our worlds.

Having moved groups this time, my new team and I had to quickly decide together which idea the group had previously come up with to develop on.

We decided to follow up on the previous group members’ idea by Yaz and David Pollock of a balancing world. (see below)


A picture from David Pollock’s sketchbook.

This concept involves two worlds balancing by their weight distribution over the two; joined together with a seesaw structure in the middle. The inhabitants, the “fat” or “thin” creatures, live on these worlds separate from each other, their lives resting on whether or not they drop their organs (in a jar above their head) on the ground or off the world itself -if so, they die.

Developing from this idea, Yaz (an original team member of the group) Molly, Caitlin and I worked together to find the narrative of this concept and create characters from it.

A lot of our story and character inspiration came from a short film called Zero by Zealous Creative.

We discussed as a group every detail we could think of that could make up this world, to try and make it as believable as possible. We looked into areas such as the everyday tasks of the characters, the food they eat and even how they travel around the world as individuals. We all felt that in order for the characters to come to life, we needed to know their back story; their purpose in this world.

During these talks, Caitlin began sketching out rough ideas for the characters as our world started to take form. Here they are below.

Using Caitlin’s designs, each of us went away and developed the initial sketches to see what we could bring out of each of the characters.

Here are my sketches below.

Creating characters from the imagination is not something I am used to but it is something I am really excited to get better at! These sketches are by no means strong sketches, but I felt they exercised my creativity well and got me thinking outside the box! I let my mind and pencil take me wherever they wanted to go.

What was so exciting about this particular group task was, it felt like the idea was driving everything in the group; not individuals. The idea was driving us forward and taking us all a certain direction, not the other way around. I felt we worked well as team and laid the foundations well for the next group to build upon. 

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