Week 1

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


This week’s task: create an original ident idea (lasting approximately 10 seconds) for the BBC which reflects Northern Irish culture.

The spin on things? Work with around five other individuals who you’ve never met before and create the ident in less than a week!

With a mixed group of first years, two second years and a final year student, we came up with the idea of focusing on the humble cup of tea. It was decided fairly quickly that we would choose to film in stop motion animation as the first years (like me) had no clue how to use animation software on the computer.

It couldn’t get any simpler we naïvely thought to ourselves. HA. Classic stop motion is hard. And even harder when each individual in the group has to be careful not to step on one another’s toes when deciding what object goes where and how it moves for each frame.

Several cups of tea later and a couple of hundred of digestives strategically bitten in certain places, we got the shots we needed to create our ident:

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s project as I got to meet new people and watch the magic that happens when creative heads come together. The most important thing I’ve learnt through it all though has been that… teamwork is only the” dream work” when you learn the art of compromise. Each creative individual on a group project will each have an individual vision; a particular way they see things/want things to happen. If you insist a certain way of doing things and don’t take into account other ideas you will damage the creativity of the team. It’s best to let the idea take the lead; not you.

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